IT Networks – Glasgow

IT Networks & Communications

A main component of any business is communications, when things don’t work the way they should this can be very costly for your business. PARANET.UK is an industry leader in the field of critical IT networks. We specialise in Business Network Installation, Maintenance and Repair of all major brands including HP & CISCO.

PARANET.UK supplies, installs and maintains all types of Wireless and Wired IT Networks for large & small businesses. If your existing Network has a problem, needs updated or extended, Contact Us we can help. We also provide a Support Service second to none so your never left with that worrying dread…. What if something goes wrong?


PARANET.UK IT Network Engineers

Our IT network engineers are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Business Networks and can also provide All-in-one Network Support Packages to maintain and manage your network.

We’re equipped with the skills and knowledge that’s required to adapt the most suitable solution to any working environment. Alongside immense technical expertise using only high quality business grade hardware, software and equipment. Providing a cost effective solution to the most demanding and complexed environments.PARANETUK - Computer Networking

Wireless IT Networks

We set-up, install, configure and maintain all types of IT Networks ranging from local access points to long distance high speed wireless networks. Including outdoor wireless set-ups for necessary long-range communications for more than 200kms. We work in partnership with Ubiquiti the market leader and expert of wireless connection.

VoIP Business Phone Systems

One of the most vital decisions of any business is communications, when communications are not in place or set up in an efficient and cost effective manor this can cause productivity issues, reputation issues and cost issues. PARANET.UK provides Fully Managed Hosted IP Telephony Systems (Voip Business Phone Systems) to businesses throughout the UK and Europe.