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IT Security

PARANET.UK have over 20 years of extensive knowledge and expertise in providing, installing & maintaining your organisation with the correct protection. We provide IT Security Services throughout Glasgow, and Scotland.

Security of your business IT infrastructure has never been more crucial, especially in today’s ever changing world. Every Business large or small needs to have a sufficient defense against the ever evolving threats your business and all its data are exposed to, in the online world we live in.

paranetuk - bitdefender silver partner logoWe aim to keep your business and data safe from the unethical online practices that threaten home users, small and large businesses on a daily basis. Our partnership with Bitdefender empowers our fight against hackers, and malware.

IT Security – The Reality

During a recent IT Security conference, it was detailed that shockingly over 40% of Small Businesses in the UK have been targeted online, what’s worse is 38% of businesses admitted they had a virus. Recently a hacker group was caught in control of an estimated 1.2 million computers – mainly belonging to Small Businesses. Unfortunately these numbers are growing, and not computers and servers are the only target, but mobile devices as well. Hackers can easily bypass security unless it is properly configured.

PARANETUK - Security

IT Security Services

We specilaise in PC, Internet, Business Network Security with easy to use, robust and quality Security Solutions tailored to meet the needs of your business.

  • PC, Laptop & Mobile Device Security
  • Internet & Intranet Security
  • Business Network Security
  • Home Network Security

We give huge emphasis on being ahead of the game and utilize only the best available technology in all layers of security and solutions we provide. The main areas we focus on when It comes to Business IT Security are;PARANETUK - Embeded Security

  • Network Security Services
  • Client Security Services
  • Data Security Services
  • Email Security Services
  • VoIP Systems Security Services

IT Security Solutions

We provide a wide range of IT Security Solutions in partnership with Bitdefender ranging from Email and Web Security, Data Loss Prevention, Dedicated Firewalls and Intrusion & Prevention Systems. Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your business in a cost effective and efficient manner. Some of the solutions we provide  may include;

  • Server Based Solutions
  • Cloud Based Solutions
  • VPN Networks
  • Wireless protection
  • DDos & SQL Injection Protection
  • Network-Based Firewall Security Services
  • Managed e-mail and web scanning services

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