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New Facebook Virus

The newest Facebook virus has used a very interesting topic to grow. It is very common to click on a pornographic link, even so if it is said to be a video from a friend or relative.

On Facebook, there is a virus that spreads for years now infecting people by clicking on a shared link. These links are usually about an interesting topic, or a video that everybody likes, when the unsuspicious user clicks on the link, instead of the video, or pictures the virus infects the computer and shares the same post on their behalf.

The newest variant of this fake sharing tries to catch the attention using extreme topics to generate more clicks with success. The share is promising pornographic content from a friend or relative and even tags the users’ 20 nearest friends on the post. It is very tempting to click on a post like this to see if it is real.

After the click a popup window appears to ask your perdition to download a program to play the video. It you allow it then the virus installs on the computer and start spreading from your account as well.

What is more, the virus in the last couple of weeks started to infect through Facebook messages as well beside the Wall Posts.

Even though some of the Antivirus programs can protect you from the infection the but the most important to look out for these posts and don’t click on them. You can also change your Facebook settings to notify and ask your permission before someone tags you on a post. This option could save your contacts to see the shared link.