Summary of Windows 10 event – Windows 10 for free!

Microsoft has introduced yesterday quite a lot new features that Windows 10 will be capable of. It is not a secret that they managed to surprise everyone.

Windows 10 crossplatform

The first big announcement from yesterday that Windows 10 will come for free for all the Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows RT users. They can apply for an upgrade from their devices for free from Microsoft. This upgrade has not been mentioned how will arrive, but we are quite excited about this great news.
Windows 10 will come with a lot of brilliant new features as well. Microsoft’s digital personal assistant, Cortana, will not only be on phones, but on PCs as well. You can launch it by saying “Hey Cortana” and will learn from you, and about you. This will make searches more personal, and get rid of the unwanted results. Needless to say these personal information can be edited and deleted from Cortana’s notebook.

Cortana on PC - Windows 10

Cortana will also cooperate with Microsoft’s new browser, Project Spartan. It will provide the most advanced features to enhance browsing experience.¬† Unfortunately it is still under development and will be released¬† in 5 months time.
Microsoft has invested a lot of effort to mobile devices as well. Tablets that you can use with keyboards will be have an option for you to choose which mode you would like to use it. There will also be two start menu, one with the tiles that Windows 8 came with, and a second one for those who like the old, Windows 7 style better.
For communication Microsoft will implement Skype into their system. When the two party is online the device will switch to Skype messaging and will provide the same experience if you would use for example Viber, or and Apple device.

XBOX - WIndows 10

The announcement of new gaming experience surprised us all! All Windows 10 devices will come with XBOX app, that will allow you to record your game natively, communicate with friends, and the most unbelievable: Play on your PC against XBOX gamers! Microsoft has really meant it when they announced Windows 10 will be universal.
At last but not least, the biggest announcement of yesterday was the HoloLens! This is an advanced computer that can turn your world into a hybrid reality-virtualreality. It is hard to explain, so we have linked the concept video below the article. It is such a remarkable idea and device that can increase creativity, and productivity providing endless possibilities that we can not even imagine. The future is now.

The new technical preview is downloadable for Microsoft.